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2012-10-18 13:36

Taking into consideration correlation between prices for apartments and people’s income – London is the most expensive European capital. An average annual salary in Britain’s capital is enough for buying only 2 square meters of high level apartments in the city centre.
Dublin, Berlin and Copenhagen follow the race and can offer more than 10 square meters per an annual average salary. Poland is in bottom part of this list; despite the general reduction in prices for real estate in the city centre of Warsaw the prices are still high.


2012-05-18 16:59

Wall stickers are not only elegant in wall decoration but also very practical. Wall stickers do not
require any special care since they are water proofing and easy to clean with a wet cloth. If one
does not enjoy his or her decoration, they can easily clean it using some soft moistened rag.

Since the materials, used in stickers production, are water impervious as well as the glue used
to adhere - the decor themes can be cleaned and scoured.

It is important to pay attention when you clean a decoration so that not to touch the margins of
a sticker in order to keep it clean because the stickers tend to collect more dust than the walls.
Since PVC is artificial, it electrifies and gathers more dust than a painted, plastered wall.



2012-03-12 08:49

Buying a commodity in 2012 after strong price falls is wise and solid location for your capital. However you must remember that it is a long-term investment. Serious profits can be visible, after few years or even decades. Thats why one of the most important thing while acquiring the flat or house is place. Generally, in Poland two-room flats are most popular. The price of such flat is higher than one-room. Another question, that future owner have to answer is: “which district shall I choose?”. In central city or on outer part of town. Newly-built flat or an old one?


2011-12-03 08:20

 Sometimes happens that we have a ground, but we are unable to receive a permission for building. The solution is a house on wheels. Mobile houses are not permanently bounded with ground and that’s why they can be moved everywhere, every time.
Mobile houses are not, according to law, buildings, but vehicles. They are an alternative for people who do not want to buy the ground but just rent it.
A base of mobile house is a steel frame, where broad wheels are attached to. The frame is attached to wooden skeleton construction. Walls are insulated with mineral wool. The construction is similar to modular-skeletal houses. The remaining problem is to attach the mobile house to water pipe, electricity and wastewater. This can take from few hours to even few months, depending on legal issues. Mobile houses can be heated with gas or electricity- they are equipped with all necessary systems. Most expensive ones have even a furniture.
Unfortunately frequent moving can weaken construction of such house, but building a new one is relatively fast- it takes from 1.5 to 2 months.


2011-10-14 13:09

 At the present, market of single families is a buyer’s market. Home offers and supply for sale is larger than demand for such real estates. Oversupply is a result of 2007 boom. Investors were attracted by rising prices of estates and began a lot of investments for single families, that were realized in 2007-2009. However, they did not predict that situation on market would drastically change. Some of investments that were realized in this period had not been sold, and simultaneously other were built. For buyers it is a right time to chose a good estate and to try the price negotiation. It does not mean that they will be successful. Many investment prices have been cut few times already and often houses are sold on the border of viability. But it is worth trying.


2011-09-12 14:05

These days almost everyone has an access to the Internet at home. Some of them even cannot imagine life without it. In fact, the Internet can easily replace nearly all other inventions like TV, the telephone, the post, the encyclopaedia…you can enumerate them endlessly. You cannot still forget about one more function of the Internet, namely it is an incredible shop!
On the Internet you can buy practically everything starting from the gadgets, through clothes, food to furniture for our flat.

What are the advantages of the Internet shopping? Undoubtedly, we can assume that one of them is unlimited access to the huge number of products. It is enough to search for the chosen product and place the order, regardless of the time of the day. You can actually do it without leaving home. Buying things on the Internet you can save a lot of money, sometimes it is even up to 40%.


2011-07-27 13:00

What should you pay attention to when buying properties in Italy? What should you consider when deciding to buy? The first thing, you should learn the rules and laws in Italy. There are difference in payments depending on the type of property. When buying a property for your own use you have to comply with with some rules in order to pay a lower VAT (3% or 4%). If we don't meet specific criteria (for example if we are not registered in Italy or if we won't use the property for ourselves), the VAT will be equal to 10%. That's why it's important to know which rules we have to comply with to get the lower tax rate.

The other important step to do is to get a fiscal code, Italian version of Polish NIP code. This is however only for big investments and when buying commercial properties in Italy.