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2012-11-15 14:50

The answer to this question is ambiguous. It all depends on age and growth of your child, room size, the performance of its task (for a playroom or furniture for learning) and other individual factors for each decision. Otherwise it will be furnished room for the baby and the other for a teenager. One thing is certain - all furniture should be made of materials harmless to the health of the child. In the baby `s room the baby crib is essential but essential it is also a space for his clothes, the first toys and diapers, wipes and blankets. The best solution is to insert a chest of drawers, in which we could contain all the necessary things. In addition in the baby` s room there can be a table on which you can change the diaper. Of course you can buy a changing table in the form of extensions to the crib notwithstanding this fact a table will be useful.


2012-11-04 14:42


Blinds are a great ornament of our windows. We select them not only in color to the room, but we should also pay attention to the way their mount, depending on the objective to be met. On the market there are various types of blinds, such as blinds which are stuck – structure of windows is not affected, screwed directly to the window frame or wall above them.
With regard to the material you should know that blinds are available in different colors and patterns. You can select it into the room like the kitchen or the bathroom where blinds are especially good with waterproof materials, and in the kitchen with non-flammable materials .


2012-09-10 11:29

  Blinds are a great ornament of our windows. We select them not only in color to the room, but we should also pay attention to the way their mount, depending on the objective to be met. On the market there are various types of blinds, such as blinds which are stuck – structure of windows is not affected, screwed directly to the window frame or wall above them.


2012-08-06 13:15

 After home repairs the time of his unit comes. Such as furniture equally important is to choose the appropriate decoration for a particular room. This is particularly true of windows for which the ornaments are selected not only in terms of style, which prevails in the interior and the shape and size of windows but also to a function that is fulfilled by room.
In rooms where adequate lighting is necessary, we ensure that the light coming through the window was enough for a long part of the day. It is important especially for offices and rooms for teaching, because the best light for visual work is the light of day. A kitchen should be also well-lit.


2011-11-23 14:24

When are the windows wind and cold proof? Before you buy it, check its parameters that would influence on heating bills.
All factors and exploitation capabilities are described by common European norms. When we buy windows, firstly we should take care of CE sign that ensures that window is produced with European norms. CE sign is complied with information about such parameters like air permeability, water resistance and radiation capabilities. In some cases there is no particular value, but proper product class. Getting to know with window properties, will allow us make a good buying decision.
Heat loss and heat permeability are most important property that influence heating bills. It describes an amount of energy that goes through the window of 1 sq. m. size providing the difference between outdoor and indoor of 1 K. The lower this indicator is, the better. Windows can be described as a energy-saving when the parameter is lower than 1.3 W/sq. m. Some sellers presents glass parameter as a indicator for whole window.



2011-10-26 09:21

PVC Windows commonly consist of frames made of high-pressure polyvinyl chloride. Part’ construction is usually of 3 or 4 compartment. Compartments fulfill different functions: thermal and acoustic isolation, dehydration and stiffening.

Stiffness of PVC profiles is significantly smaller than wooden frames, that’s why it have to be extra strengthen by internal steel sections. Sections have to be rust-protected (i.e. zinc). Sections that are not sufficiently strengthened can deform while exploating. Plastic windows are usually white. Color sections are offered in many varieties that imitate wood: mahogany, dark oak, light oak, palisander, but also clear colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc. Because of low deformation resistance, PVC sash windows shall not be wider than 0.9m, and not opening ones than 1.5m PVC windows shall especially strictly installed. A proper mount and bounded size should prevent deformation.



2011-10-21 13:00

 Wooden windows are mad mostly from pine or spruce wood, rarely from oak, mahogany or other exotic species. Mahogany is especially good for frames and casing, because of id hardness and resistance for deforming, however it is very expensive. Most popular pine wood shall be of highest grade, regular rings, without knags and fills.

Another point is solid wood glued. Glued wood frames are better secured from deformation. Sections should be glued lengthwise – they have smaller tendency to deform. Wooden windows have different shapes: triangular, rectangle, round, trapezoidal. Frames mostly are in natural colors (covered with transparent varnish. Other colors are available for special order.



2011-10-14 10:48

A windows can be cheap – but only a basic version. For each extra feature we have to pay a lot.

Typical models are cheaper
Some window producers (especially those larger ones) have a set of typical models of windows. These are windows of normal sizes, shapes and layouts – different in each of producer. Those windows are cheaper than those which are made for special orders. Producers prepare a programs of production fitted to market needs, that’s why they offer a narrow offer of size varieties. Sometimes it is not possible to choose a complete set of windows from company catalogue.
For example, it is hard to fit balcony doors on ground floor to first-floor window – of course the elevation looks best when both windows have the same width and layout of wings. It happens that in one catalogue two-winged balcony door are symmetric, and a normal window of same width has a completely different layout: one wing is smaller than the second. How to check it? Try to prepare a summary of all needed windows (with sizes, equipment and additional requirements) and ask chosen vendors and distributors for the offer.


2011-07-28 08:39

Each of us likes arranging his flat, introducing some changes into it. Some women are in their element while buying new furniture, carpets, lamps etc. to their living rooms. Obviously, it is pleasurable to watch how the flat transforms itself into more modern one.

When we are planning changes of arrangement, for example in our living room, we cannot ignore the decoration which is going to trim the window. In fact, window is a crucial element of every room, particularly because it gives us the natural light. Moreover, window attracts our attention so its decoration should not be scanty.


2011-07-26 08:42

When we arrange the flat the majority of us pay special attention to different kinds of decor elements. We carefully select the accessories so as to create harmonious whole with the rest of the interior.

The window ornaments are surely a significant element of the decoration process. Recently, people tend to turn towards the traditional solutions - we hang net curtains, curtains or bottom curtains. On the market there is wide range of fabrics available which look nicely at the window.

When choosing net curtains we take into account the necessity of buying the curtain rod. At the first sight it is quite simple task. However, we must think over several aspects.