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2012-12-18 10:13


When you want to change your living space you should think about changing the look of the walls. The best way to create a cozy interior is the use of solution, which is the wallpaper wall. There are different types, designs and colors.


2012-12-01 10:21

It is scientifically proven fact, that colors we surround ourselves with influence how we feel. For this reason people take into consideration colors in many aspects of our lives. Many of us pick colors for our clothes very carefully, because different colors can cause different impressions. Colors are also very important when it comes to arranging our home. Picking right color for a right room is essential when we want to achieve a specific effect. For example, when we are arranging a living room then we should consider a warm, bright color, especially if the room is not very well lit during the day. We might want to pick darker, stronger variants of these colors, if the room is bright enough. Good base colors to consider for a living room are red, yellow, orange, green and white. In some cases violet and brown can be considered, however not all living rooms look good with each color. 


2012-10-10 11:30

  The answer to this question is ambiguous. It all depends on age and growth of your child, room size, the performance of its task (for a playroom or furniture for learning) and other individual factors for each decision. Otherwise it will be furnished room for the baby and the other for a teenager. One thing is certain - all furniture should be made of materials harmless to the health of the child. In the baby `s room the baby crib is essential but essential it is also a space for his clothes, the first toys and diapers, wipes and blankets. The best solution is to insert a chest of drawers, in which we could contain all the necessary things. In addition in the baby` s room there can be a table on which you can change the diaper. Of course you can buy a changing table in the form of extensions to the crib notwithstanding this fact a table will be useful.


2012-09-03 09:27


This depends on the amount that we intend to devote to the position of parquet. If you want to save, it's best to go about this single-handed, using only the advice of professionals or friends who managed with this problem. You should also be aware that not all activities related to laying of parquet you can do yourself, because it is not just laying wood flooring but also scraping, combining the parquet with other floors, polishing, painting and matting. A good company parquet also advise what type of flooring is best to choose for your room - which the wood is most suitable.


2012-07-20 09:40

Brown colour used for painting walls can visually reduce volume of a room and make it look darker. One who loves brown walls should consider and select the proper colour in order to avoid damp and sad atmosphere. Before painting a wall brown one should carefully consider good illumination and properly choose shade colours of the walls and other elements.


2012-06-28 14:16

 Should a floor differ from the one a living room?
There should be solid and dirt resistant floor in the kitchen, while in a living room, on the contrary, the a floor should match the furniture, in most cases made from wood. Still the same material can be used in both, the kitchen and the living room. Check out the experts’ opinions.
Many people got used to have their kitchen and living room as two different places. And what about the other rooms? There are different materials used in most of them too. However, what can one do when there are two adjacent areas? As an example, there should be mentioned a situation when the kitchen is adjacent to the living room or a dining room, which is often not divided or separated by a wall or a fence. One may consider applying the same material in both areas, the question whether it is worth doing or not.


2012-06-04 09:02

 Wall stickers are not only elegant in wall decoration but also very practical. Wall stickers do not require any special care since they are water proofing and easy to clean with a wet cloth. If one does not enjoy his or her decoration, they can easily clean it using some soft moistened rag.

Since the materials, used in stickers production, are water impervious as well as the glue used to adhere - the decor themes can be cleaned and scoured.


2012-05-02 10:49

A proper insulation of standalone house is important for quiet and warm indoor atmosphere. Usually, the insulation is made on newly build building, but older houses are nowadays insulated to improve heating capabilities of walls. Insulating is simple process that do not demand high or specialist skills- only thing you need is time, walls and materials. Before laying an insulation, the wall should be clean and stable. That means necessity of removing all loose areas and dust from surface. Second step is priming the wall. Especially if the wall is already covered by plaster, the surface must be primed – it will improve stickiness and durability of glue that will stick plasterboards. Next step is laying the plasterboards – it is made of light Styrofoam, and sold in 10-board packets. Firstly put ca. 10 blobs of glue, size of an apple on board and starting from lower starting bar, press the board to the wall. The plasterboards will stick and keep on position by glue. Remember to keep horizon of boards. The glue dries about 2-3 days.


2012-03-27 14:10

Nowadays, the fashion influences also the design of our houses. Because of the influences from TV, shops (especially commercials and shopwindows) and all kinds of catalogs, design of the house it on the same level of importance like its comfort, size or usability. We create our own art gallery, where everything has to be on its place.
The question is, what really influences such important now, design?
The design of concrete house starts basically with its foundations. The structure of the house, location of rooms, space which is created, size of the rooms, location (village, town, historic district, nature around) all those factor has impact on the future design of the house.
When the “shell” of house is ready, we can say that, the real design work starts. This is very important to think about the keynote or style of the home before all works starts. Firstly, you should try to choose between very  general style like modern, classic, village style etc. Try to not mix such styles. The spaces with one given keynote seams to be more peacefully and elegant, then those with all possible kinds of modern and classical designs around. Of course some styles can be easily joined like traditional and modern. However, such connections needs a lot of imagination and sometimes advise of the professional decorator to give you demand result.  Then just think about the colors which should dominate in given space. After such preparation you can start to choose proper floors, furniture and accessories.


2012-02-15 14:06

Single-layer walls do not require insulation. Other – cavity walls require thermo insulation. Is the cost of single-layered walls lower then? Are they easier to lay than cavity walls? Check this out:


Single layer walls
Those walls are made without additional insulating materials. They can be laid from aerated concrete blocks, bricks or ceramic concrete blocks. Only those materials give sufficient thermo-penetration indicator U. Walls without insulation must be massive. They are 30-50 cm thick. Those thinnest can be made from blocks, bricks separated with insulation dividers inside.