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My home is my…art gallery
2012-03-27 14:10

Nowadays, the fashion influences also the design of our houses. Because of the influences from TV, shops (especially commercials and shopwindows) and all kinds of catalogs, design of the house it on the same level of importance like its comfort, size or usability. We create our own art gallery, where everything has to be on its place.
The question is, what really influences such important now, design?
The design of concrete house starts basically with its foundations. The structure of the house, location of rooms, space which is created, size of the rooms, location (village, town, historic district, nature around) all those factor has impact on the future design of the house.
When the “shell” of house is ready, we can say that, the real design work starts. This is very important to think about the keynote or style of the home before all works starts. Firstly, you should try to choose between very  general style like modern, classic, village style etc. Try to not mix such styles. The spaces with one given keynote seams to be more peacefully and elegant, then those with all possible kinds of modern and classical designs around. Of course some styles can be easily joined like traditional and modern. However, such connections needs a lot of imagination and sometimes advise of the professional decorator to give you demand result.  Then just think about the colors which should dominate in given space. After such preparation you can start to choose proper floors, furniture and accessories.

The accessories are very often push into the background. But in the reality those small (or sometimes huge) accents gives the room personality. Be very careful with them, because one bad accent can destroy harmony which were build such carefully. So how to choose them?
The answer is very simple. Chose them with taste. Again, the easiest way to do so is to follow once chosen direction. Choose them according to the style which you have. If your house has furniture made from wood and the brown color is dominating choose accessories which are in harmony to this color, like yellow, red or green. When you prefer modern space you can easy use a contrast between colors like black-white, green-red or join them, black and red looks fabulous together and green with yellow will give you sunny space. Use catalogues and commercials to see some inspiration and use your imagination. The very good idea is to use paintings and posters as a keynote for the house. It will bring a lot of character to the home.
For the end, one advise. Never, but never don’t go to the shops and buy everything because it is pretty. Think twice. Because it is pretty it doesn’t means that it will be look ok inside your home.

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