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Brown colour selection for walls
2012-07-20 09:40

Brown colour used for painting walls can visually reduce volume of a room and make it look darker. One who loves brown walls should consider and select the proper colour in order to avoid damp and sad atmosphere. Before painting a wall brown one should carefully consider good illumination and properly choose shade colours of the walls and other elements.

Brown interiors: how to choose colours.
When one chooses brown colour it is important to have clear and vivid visions of one’s project and ideas about further installations and decorations in order to achieve the desired effect. The first thought that can appear in one’s mind after painting something into brown may be about exaggerated darkness. A trick that could help to avoid such feeling is paint one of the walls light colour or to use wallpaper instead. Doing this will allow to break the realm of darkness of capricious brown colour. This colour can be used near in a bedroom or even in the kitchen just behind a diner table. For brown interiors it is worth thinking about choosing furniture with light wooden texture, white or cream-coloured for example. Among the colours which could also fit well are: vivid red, green, cyan or yellow. The brown colour of walls will chilly show shaded and shapes of the interior and its elements. When applying this kind of design, additional elements should be coloured in bright and pastel. For instance pillow, bed accessories, curtains, candles and so on. Designing brown interiors, it is worth installing additional light sources of mild and soft light which could entirely make the atmosphere chilling and relaxing. Dark brown walls may be a good solution for a bedroom or working area with a private library. Cafes and restaurants are also those places where dark brown would match well.
Brown walls: how to match colours.
The brown colour used in interior design should always be used in combination with other colours. Whatever it be, furniture, pillows, curtains, china, ceramics - the brown colour should be diluted. This can be done by painting a wall in new colour or by adding new elements to the interior of a house. Light colours including so called “earth colours” from the bright palette will match with the brown as a dominating one. Among the best matching colours are yellow, orange, red, coral, dirty pink, green (mint, pistachio, khaki), blue, lavender and white, cream and beige. One should be very carefully with the gray and black.
Brown colours. Most common mistakes.
One of the most common mistakes is combing brown colour with its close brown shades. It is especially inadvisable with interior elements. If done so, the interior looks very dismal and boring, since too many objects are in similar shades. A good idea to avoid it is to use opposite shades of brown which differ by intensivity of brightness. Sometimes adding any different colour from mentioned above may help to get rid of the monotony and to put more life and good mood into interior of a house.

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