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The types of wall coverings
2012-12-18 10:13


When you want to change your living space you should think about changing the look of the walls. The best way to create a cozy interior is the use of solution, which is the wallpaper wall. There are different types, designs and colors.

- This wallpaper can be single or double layer. Their surface is smooth or embossed. You can buy waterproof and washable wallpapers. Their advantage is the lowest price. However, they are the thinnest and the least durable.
Vinyl wallpaper – they are in the traditional form and in the form with foamed PVC. Traditional vinyl wallpapers are resistant to washing and scrubbing and therefore it will be good to suite them in kitchen, bathroom and hall. PVC wallpapers are very durable and thick, they can be repeatedly washed off. They fulfill their function very well in children `s room.
Acrylic wallpapers – they are comprised of a layer of paper coated with white and colored acrylic foam. They can not be cleaned, so they are suitable in the little-exploited areas.
Textile wallpapers – they give the room a luxurious feel. The top layer is usually cotton, silk, linen or wool. They excellent fit in the bedroom or living room style. However, not everyone can afford such expensive wallpaper.
An excellent, but expensive solution is the wallpaper of fiberglass. It is very durable, washable and when we get tired of their color, we can easily repaint them to another.
Another type of wallpaper is Raufaza type, which is also highly resistant to abrasion, moisture or chemicals. They are mixed with wallpaper, paper wood chips. They excellent hide surface irregularities on walls. They can be painted a different color.
The choice of wallpaper depends primarily on the function of the room and the conditions prevailing in it. How long will they adorn our walls depends on the quality of their location and subsequent care for them.

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