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Selection of Colors
2012-12-01 10:21

It is scientifically proven fact, that colors we surround ourselves with influence how we feel. For this reason people take into consideration colors in many aspects of our lives. Many of us pick colors for our clothes very carefully, because different colors can cause different impressions. Colors are also very important when it comes to arranging our home. Picking right color for a right room is essential when we want to achieve a specific effect. For example, when we are arranging a living room then we should consider a warm, bright color, especially if the room is not very well lit during the day. We might want to pick darker, stronger variants of these colors, if the room is bright enough. Good base colors to consider for a living room are red, yellow, orange, green and white. In some cases violet and brown can be considered, however not all living rooms look good with each color. 

 Next we have a kitchen. This is a place that should always be kept clean and tidy and picking a nice, clean color can enhance the effect. Blue, green are very popular, because they not only give a kitchen a peaceful look, but it also make it look extra clean. It is also popular to pick orange and yellow, as these make kitchen feel warmer and brighter. These two colors are also very good choices for dining room, where people like to spend some extra time, while enjoying a good meal, so why not helping them feel good, by surrounding them with warm, peaceful colors. For bathrooms we usually pick colors that we connect with clean space, for example different variants of blue, green or white, usually bright versions of these colors. What about a bedroom then? This room is one of the most flexible spots, when it comes to picking colors. Some people prefer it to be calm and relaxing, thus picking calm colors like green or blue, others prefer the warmth of yellow and orange, while many pick red to highlight the passionate side of their lives. It all comes down to individual needs and desires.

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